Ant Sang began creating comics in 1994 with the release of his first minicomic, Filth #1. Described as "...a series of ferocious guerilla attacks on the complacent hypocrisy of that decade..." the Filth series became one of the most popular minicomics in New Zealand at that time. After seven issues, the last issue of Filth was released in 1997. 

From 2001- 2003, eight issues of The Dharma Punks were released. It has become one of the most successful independent comics produced in New Zealand in recent years - receiving rave reviews and outselling overseas titles like X-Men at some comic shops.

The Dharma Punks part 1-4 won "Best Serialised Comic" at the Eric Awards 2003 and The Dharma Punks part 8 won the Eric Award 2004 (The Gotham Comics-Staedtler NZ Award) for "Best Comic".

Ant has also produced comics for a number of New Zealand publications and comic anthologies. His work has appeared in Pavement, The Fix, Loose, Officer Pup, U.F.O., Mainstream and the Armageddon Pulp Expo Megazine

His comic art has featured in the Contemporary New Zealand Comics exhibition (Fisher Gallery, NZ, 1996), The Dharma Punks comic launch exhibition (Alleluya Gallery, NZ, 2001), and The Cartoon Show (Auckland Art Gallery, NZ, 2001-2002).

Ant has started preliminary work on his next comic project, which is slated as a kung fu saga set in ancient China.

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A short spiel about the end of Filth and the beginning of The Dharma Punks

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