Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas

A collaboration between author Michael Bennett and illustrator Ant Sang; Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas was a finalist in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2019, and was selected for the White Ravens Catalogue 2019.

Eco-warrior Helen holds the keys to saving the world in this multi-layered, award-winning dystopian graphic novel.

Kidnapped by time-travelling ninjas, Helen is thrust into the year 2355 — a ruined future with roving gangs and ‘Peace Balls’, giant humming devices that enslave and control people’s minds.

The Go-Go Ninjas have one goal — to destroy the Peace Balls. They believe that Helen knows how.

Can Helen use her knowledge of the past to help them save the future?

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand


“Very clever, very imaginative and full on action. I was amazed how much philosophical, scientific and emotional argument can be communicated in Ant Sang’s brilliant comic illustrations” – Bob Docherty, Bob’s Books Blog

“… fantastic book.” – Rachael Eadie, RNZ Book Review