The Dharma Punks

Set in Auckland, 1994, The Dharma Punks is a metaphysical meditation on life, love, friendship, punk rock and blowing things up.

Originally published in 2001 as a DIY, self-published, eight-issue comic book series, The Dharma Punks quickly became a cult classic. Outselling big titles like X-Men, at local comic shops, The Dharma Punks soon sold out and was unavailable for years.

More than a decade later Ant teamed up with Earth’s End Publishing to reprint The Dharma Punks as a collected edition, for the first time. Since then it has been published in the US, UK, Canada, and France to critical acclaim.

Publisher: Earth’s End, 2014
Publisher: Conundrum Press, 2015
Publisher: Presque Lune, 2015

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“a New Zealand comic classic” —Fergus Barrowman, VUP

“A remarkable achievement” —Elizabeth Knox (WakeMortal Fire, The Vinter’s Luck)

“epic… a real bravura book” —Brett Warnock, Top Shelf Productions

“inescapably compelling… a work filled with soul” —Cornelius Stone (Knuckles the Malevolent Nun)

“Believe the hype” —Tim Bollinger, Pavement

“a tremendous achievement… unmatched by almost any other locally produced graphic novel” —Dylan Horrocks (HicksvilleThe Magic Pen)

“an engrossing cult masterwork” —Justin Stevens, The Peak

“Emotionally intense with a raw visual style” —John Seven, Vermicious